Aa Mil Yaar - Hesham Abdul Wahab | شبكة سما العالمية

Aa Mil Yaar

شارك العمل
عدد الزيارات

Aa Mil Yaar

Poem by Bulleh Shah
Music by Hesham Abdul Wahab

Additional Vocals:
Rakesh Kesavan, Arun Naik and Rinu Razak

Recorded @ Andante Studios
Mixed & Mastered @ Andante Studios

Aa mil yaar saarley, Meri jaan dikhaan ney gyheri
Come my love take care of me, I am in great agony

Ander khawab vchora hoya, Khabar na payndi teri
Soni ban wich luti saiyaan, Soor palang ney gheyri
Ever separated, my dreams are dreary
Looking for you, my eyes are weary
All alone I am robbed in a desert
Waylaid by a bunch of way words

Mullan Qazi rah batawaan, Deen dharam dey pherey
Aye taan thag jugat dey jhaar, lawaanjaal chufereey
The Mullah and Qazi show me the way
Their maze of Dharma that is in sway
They are the confirmed thieves of time
They spread their net saintly crime

Karam sharo dey dharam batawan
Sangal pawan pereen Zaat mazhab yeh ishq na pochdaa
Ishq shara da weri
Their time-worn norms are seldom right
With these they chain my feet so tight
My love cares not for caste or creed
To the rituals of faith I pay no heed

Nadioon paar aye mulk sajan da
lehar lobh ney gheri Satgor beri perhi khalotey
Ten kion lai aweri
My Master lives on yonder bank
While I am caught in the gale of greed
With boat of anchor, He stands in wait
I must hasten, I can’t be late

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