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La Ilaha Illallah Muhammad-Ur-Rasulullah

A majesty that’s grand, moth high you are the King,
And everything around, is in obedience,
The mountains trees and seas, are praising none but Thee,
The heavens to your throne, all shine with your glory.

La Ilaha Illallah Muhammad-Ur-Rasulullah

Your light has guided me, i did not know Your plans,
Your wonders I be seen, they brought me where I am,
When I am in most need, Your help is aiding me,
Your court I cannot leave, You are my Lord supreme

La Ilaha Illallah Muhammad-Ur-Rasulullah

My heart should always beat, Your remembrance,
My soul it always needs, to fly high in Your Love,
My mind is only free, when I meditate deep,
In prayer I always seek, Your infinite bounties.

La Ilaha Illallah Muhammad-Ur-Rasulullah

We’re blessed that we are in, Your beloved’s Ummah,
The seal of Messengers, Muhammad Mustafa,
To love him more than kin, hold dear than everything,
it’s only then we will, taste faith and its sweetness.

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