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Glorification (Live at the Dubai Opera) – Sami Yusuf




The high heavens exalt Your Name,
from which all names take their grace.
Timeless glories mark out Your reign,
from Your lofty dwelling place.

Understanding, bounteous One,
eternal gift of plenty;
omniscient, just and divine,
our Judge in all Your glory.

سبحت باسمك المجيد السماء
وتسامت باسمك الأسماء

يا عظيماً يا حليماً وفرداً
من عطاياك دامت الآلاء

You give breeze to the wheeling birds
Sustained high up in the sky,
as You nurture us here on earth.
In Your warmth we glorify.

You sent messengers to us, Lord,
Revealing Your word and light.
You taught the scale above the sword,
Your justice is all men’s right.

عندها نرتجي من الله عفواً
حين يأتي محمد واللواء
فاجعل المصطفى شفيعاً وكن لي
غافراً ذاك مطلبي والرجاء

We seek the mercy of God.
I beg, Prophet, speak for me!
Led by Mohammed’s great banner,
Your forgiveness is my plea.

Composed, arranged and performed by Sami Yusuf
Words by HH Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid Al Maktoum
Mixed & Mastered by Vishnu Rajan @ Andante Studios

Bendir: Ömer Avci
Baglama: Adem Tosunoglu
Bass Darabuka: Abbas Karacan
Santoor: Farshad Mohammadi
Ney: Türker Dinletir
Tar: Seyed Ali Jaberi
Persian Daf: Seyyed Mohammad Jaberi
Oud: Selim Boyaci
Qanun: Mustafa Olgan
Classical Guitar: Jonathan Lawton

Sami Mohammad Ahmad Alhaj (Bass)
Abeer El Sayed Ahmad (Mezzo-Soprano)
Eisar Alkhalifa (Alto)
Mays Albeik (Alto)
Yara Mohamed Ahmed Amin (Alto)
Mishlien Alkhoury (Alto)
AbdulRazzak Barma (Baritone)
Nancy Al Baltaji (Contra-Alto)
Abdulrahman Bechir (Tenor)
Abdallah Taha El-Khatib (Tenor)
Omar Ghazal (Tenor)
Alawi AlSafi (Tenor)

*Special thanks to Nassim Al-Saba’ Choir

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  1. Glorification (Live at the Dubai Opera)

    Sami Yusuf


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