Mawlana - Sami Yusuf | شبكة سما العالمية


شارك العمل
عدد الزيارات


Composed, produced and performed by Sami Yusuf
Words by Umar ibn Ali ibn al-Farid (d. 1234)

توزيع، إنتاج، أداء : سامي يوسف
كلمات : عمر بن علي بن الفارض

LYRICS | كلمات العمل :

شربنا على ذكرِ الحبيبِ مدامة ً
In memory of the Beloved
We drank a wine

سَكِرْنا بها، من قبلِ أن يُخلق الكَرمُ
With which we had been drunk
Before the creation of the vine.

لها البدرُ كأسٌ وهيَ شمسٌ يديرها
The full moon was its cup.
While the wine was a sun passed round

هِلالٌ، وكم يبدو إذا مُزِجَتْ نَجمُ
By a crescent, which when mixed,
How many stars appear!


ولولا شذاها ما اهتديتُ لحانها
If not for its fragrance,
I would never have been guided to its tavern.

ولو لا سناها ما تصوَّرها الوهمُ
If not for its radiance,
Imagination could never picture it,

ولم يُبْقِ مِنها الدَّهْرُ غيرَ حُشاشَة ٍ
Time preserved nothing of it, but a fading breath,

كأنَّ خَفاها، في صُدورِ النُّهى كَتْمُ
As if its being hidden in the breasts of the wise were concealed.

وفي سكرة ٍ منها ولو عمرَ ساعة ٍ
If you are drunk with it for but one hour,

تَرى الدَّهْرَ عَبداً طائِعاً، ولَكَ الحُكْمُ
You will see time an obedient slave at your command.

فلا عيشَ في الدُّنيا لمنْ عاشَ صاحياً
For there is no life in this world for one who lives sober;

ومنْ لمْ يمتْ سكراً بها فاتهُ الحزمُ
And one who dies not drunk from it,
Resolution has passed him by.

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