Qalbi Sajad ( Video Clip) - Maher Zain | شبكة سما العالمية

Qalbi Sajad ( Video Clip) - Maher Zain

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Directed by: Idris Kheder
Executive Producer: Bara Kherigi
Lyrics & Melody: Ahmed AlYafie
Arrangement: Sarhan Eskandar
Mixing: Ronny Lahti
Mastering: Bjorn Engelman
Album Cover Photography: David Lagerlöf
Album Cover Design: Mohamed Ali Dhifet
Special Thanks: Ahmed AlYafie, Israa Sherif, Cournal
قلبي على بابك سجد
My heart prostrates at Your doorstep,

يدعوك يا الله
calling to You O Allah!

مالي أنا غيرك أحد
I have no one else but You,

أدعوه واترجاه
to invoke and implore

قلبي أنا كلما ابتعد
Whenever my hearts strays away,

ذاق الألم والآه
it tastes pain and suffering

يطلبك يارب المدد
It asks for Your help,

الله يا الله
Allah, O Allah!

ربي أحبك للأبد
I will love You forever, my Lord

لولاك قلبي تاه
If it were not for You, my heart would have been lost

دوماً عليك المعتمد
My reliance is always on You,

في كل ما ألقاه
in everything that I face

دمعي على خدي ورد
My tears flow down my cheeks

يا خالقي رحماك
Have mercy on me, O my Creator!

أنت المعين أنت السند
You’re the one I seek help from and the one I rely on

أنا من أنا لولاك
Who would I be without You?