Azeem Alshan (Video Clip) - Mesut Kurtis | شبكة سما العالمية

Azeem Alshan (Video Clip) - Mesut Kurtis

337 مشاهدة

Directed by: Idris Kheder
Executive Producer: Bara Kherigi
Lyrics: Anwer Hussam & Bara Kherigi
Melody: Ahmed Zaeem
Arrangement: Sherif Mansour
Mixing & Mastering: Mohamed Gouda
EP Photography: Soner Savas
EP Artwork Design: Mohamed Ali Dhifet

Special Thanks: Maher Zain, Israa Sherif, Cournal

جئتُ إليكَ خاضِعًا وكُلّي رجاء
I’ve come submitting to You, filled with hope

يا ربُّ فارحمني إذا حَلَّ البلاء
O Lord, have mercy on me when calamity befalls

رفعتُ كَفِّي ضارِعًا نحو السماء
I raise my hands imploringly to the sky

ما لي سواكَ يومًا إذا حَلَّ القضاء
I have no one to turn to except You when my time comes

يا الله .. يا رحمن .. يا الله .. يا عظيم الشان
O Allah, the All-Merciful, O Allah, the Exalted

تذوبُ في مِحرابِكَ كلُّ الكُرُوب
In Your sanctuary all troubles melt away and disappear

يا مُرْتَجًى يا ساتِراً مِنّي العُيُوب
You are the one I implore, You always concel all my faults

يا مَن إليكَ المُلتَجَا في كل الخُطُوب
You are the one I seek protection with from any distress

يا غافراً لي زَلَّتِي إليكَ أَتُوب
You are the one who forgives my slip ups, to You I repent

أدْعُوكَ طَمَعًا في رِضاك
I supplicate to You, hoping to attain Your pleasure

احفظني ربي في حِماك
Keep me my Lord in Your protection

يا قابِلاً لي تَوْبَتِي
You’re the one who accepts my repentance,

يا ربُّ أنا مَن لي سِواكْ ؟
My Lord, who do I have other than You?