Abazzahra (pbuh) (Video Clip) - Mesut Kurtis | شبكة سما العالمية

Abazzahra (pbuh) - Mesut Kurtis

498 مشاهدة

Directed by: Emrah Özbilen
Executive Producer: Bara Kherigi
Lyrics: Dalia Emara
Melody: Youssef Sanad
Arrangement: Emre Mogulkoç
Mix & Master: Emrah Mogulkoç
Special Thanks: Yasin Ahmed, Mohamed Samir, Israa Sherif, Cournal


هاشمِيٌ وكفَى
Suffice to say that he is a Hashimite,

الحبيبُ المصطفى
the Beloved, the Chosen One

جاء للدنيا يتيماً
He came into this world as an orphan,

فنبياً مُشرَّفا
then became an honoured Prophet

قد أضاءَ الكونَ نورَا
He illuminated the universe with his light,

وسلامًا وسرورَا
spreading peace and happiness,

ينثرُ القرآن عِطرَا
and spreading the frangrant message of the Quran,

يُحيِي به الصُدُورَ
reviving souls with it

سيدي أبا الزهراء
My master, the father of (Fatima) Azzahra (Muhammad pbuh),

ما أعظمَ البُشرى
How great are the glad tidings that you brought!

دُمتَ لنا فخرا
May you forever be the source of our pride

يا خيرَ خلق الله
O noblest of God’s creation

سيدي أبا الزهراء
My master, the father of (Fatima) Azzahra (Muhammad pbuh),

يا ناصرَ الضُّعفاء
O helper of the feeble

يا صاحبَ الإسراء
It is you who performed the miraculous night journey of Al-Israa

وإمامَ الأنبياء
O leader of all the Prophets

وحيٌ أتاهُ يقول
The revelation came to him saying,

اقرأْ لي يا رسول
Read, O Messenger of God!

رَتِّل كتابَ الله
Recite your Lord’s Book (the Quran)

قد أتَيتُكَ بالقبول
I have come to convey to you His pleasure
ولطاعةِ المَعْبُود
To submission to their Lord,

أُدْعُ قَومَك والوُجود
invite your people and the world

قُل جاء الحقُّ حقًّا
Say: The truth has indeed come,

والباطلُ لن يعود
and falsehood shall not return

يا رسول الله
O Messenger of Allah

يا حبيب الله
O Beloved of Allah